While summer is popular for bbq and beaches, it is also popular for new babies. July and August are the most popular months of the year for births, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you are a new parent, you probably need all the help you can get. Life is running at a frantic pace and staying organized is harder than ever. With that in mind, where are five helpful apps that new moms and dads will love. These aren’t just “baby organizers” — these apps can improve various aspects of your newly-complicated life. Each of these apps are available on both iPhone and Android systems.

1. Keep Track of Ideas

Organization is so important for new moms and dads who are learning to juggle home, family and work. However, lots of apps take time and effort to set up. That’s why Google Keep is beautiful in its simplicity. Just tap a button and talk. Keep is like a clean, organized bulletin board. You can post photos, take notes and search. The app is free to use and synchronizes with other Google apps like Calendar.

2. Keep Track of Each Other

If you want to coordinate with family members, Cozi is a great app to use. With Cozi you can keep track of each family member’s activities and appointments, share to-do lists, store recipes, create a collaborative grocery list and keep notes in a family journal.

Cozi is free to use, but you can upgrade to Cozi Gold ($30/year) for more sophisticated scheduling features and an ad-free experience.

3. Plan Meals

New parents usually don’t have time to plan meals. Fortunately, Mealime makes this chore stress-free. Here’s how it works:

  • Tell the app how many dinners you’d like to plan.
  • Photos of meal offerings pop up; tap to accept or reject the meals.
  • Your shopping list is automatically generated! If you already have shopping list items in your pantry, just tap them and they disappear.
  • As you shop, tap items to check them off; your list re-organizes itself. It could not be simpler!
  • Bring your groceries home, then pull up the app to view the recipes and cook.
  • After dinner, rate the recipe so Mealime knows if you want to see it again.

Mealime is free, but can be upgraded for special features (like nutrition information and remembering meal plans) for $5.99 per month.

4. Save Money

If you have your hands full with a new baby, you don’t have an extra hand to clip coupons. Find&Save is a simple way for busy parents to save money when shopping. The site works in several ways such as highlighting the best sales from local store circulars and saving deals from your favorite stores.

Rest assured that these are stores you visit every week: your local grocery stores, clothing stores, department stores, office supply stores and even big box stores are included. Find&Save is free to use — in fact, it pays you back with the money you save!

5. Turn Those Adorable Photos Into Keepsakes

As a new mom, you will be taking a lot of priceless photos of your little one that friends and family ones are eager to see. TinyPrints.com has a lot of great options that turn a quick photo upload into the perfect gift for grandma.

From sending out the birth announcement to the first birthday card invitation, TinyPrints has easy templates to personalize and get that task off your list so you can go back to your little precious.

6. Sleep Soundly

White noise helps to settle babies when they are fussy or drifting off to sleep. It also muffles unexpected noises, helping them sleep longer, and also very important, you as a new parent. Sound Sleeper plays 16 different types of white noise. The sounds are categorized into sections for newborns, infants, toddlers and parents.

The app has three modes: play mode, which plays the white noise as long as you select; listen mode, which uses the microphone to listen for baby stirring and play the white noise in response; and sleep tracking, which listens and records baby’s sleep patterns. The free version plays each type of white noise for 30 minutes. The paid version plays each sound for as long as you select.

7. Get Tips And Socialize With Other New Parents

My Baby Today is a free app that has lots of parenting tips, things to do with your baby from day one and space to store photos and record milestones. It also provides forums for moms to discuss all aspects of parenting. You can join a birth club with mothers whose babies are born in the same month as yours or one of the other general discussion boards.

My Baby Today is a great way to socialize on those days when you’re home with baby, learn more about your little one’s development, share stories of sleepless nights and chat about general parenting.

8. Track Milestones

The Wonder Weeks is a paid app that explains in detail the developmental changes babies go through in the first 18 months. It provides a chart to show where your baby is on a developmental timeline, gives tips on things you can do to help your little one learn new skills, and lets you know what behavior to expect.

The Wonder Weeks gives great ideas for games to play with babies, how to settle them if they’re fussy and ideas about what to expect for each developmental phase.

Being a new parent involves long hours and lots of stress — but it’s oh, so rewarding! These apps and sites can save you some time, money and energy so that you can enjoy your new addition even more.