The Fourth of July is a traditional time for cookouts, going to the beach, lounging around a pool and watching fireworks.  Follow these tips for a joyous, safe and fun-filled Fourth, and take pleasure in celebrating one of the summer’s best times.

1. Stock Up on Your Drinks and Food Early

If you’re having a barbecue, it pays to get your supply of food, beverages, ice and tableware in advance. Stock up on buns, meat, veggies, condiments and any other snacks that you’ll want, along with beer, wine, liquor and other alcoholic beverages for you and your guests.

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2. Test Your Barbecue Grills a Few Days in Advance

No one likes to discover on the afternoon of their cookout that their grill needs a new propane tank and the store that sells them is closed. It might be possible that your grill’s mechanics are rusted or not functioning from being left out in the elements.

It’s always a good idea to give grills a test run a few days in advance so you know everything is in working order and you have the necessary supplies you need. Always keep flammable materials (including extra gas canisters and lighter fluid) away from grills, and make sure that young children are at a safe distance.

3. Be Careful Handling Fireworks

According to an Ask Your Target Market survey, 71% of respondents said they generally enjoy fireworks displays. However, 65% said they have safety concerns with them. Every Fourth of July, around 10,000 Americans are injured in fireworks accidents that are mostly preventable. If fireworks are legal in your state, whoever handles them should be extremely careful.

Always make sure the person lighting fireworks follows all the instructions and doesn’t set them off close to their supply. They should always point fireworks at a safe area of the sky with no flammable materials underneath and never aim them at people, pets, cars or windows.