Listen up men! We know messy unkempt hair, and long beards are making a serious statement in 2016 but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put down the trimmers and soap.  We still have rules!

Let’s talk about how us men can rock the messy hair and scruffy beard while still impressing the ladies. Here at Find&Save we’ve put together a quick guide to men’s grooming for 2016, so read up and rock that hair right.

First off, let’s talk about the top hairstyles for 2016. They always say history repeats itself, and in the case of men’s hairstyles, the 1920’s are making a serious comeback. Whether you go with the ultra-aggressive slick back or the more relaxed side part you’ll be looking like you just stepped out of a 1920’s advertising agency.

If you’re not into the high and tight look, going with a more natural messy look works great this year. The messy look is super popular but don’t be mistaken, that messy look still takes a bit of effort! Make sure you visit the barber occasionally and be sure to pick up some of this years best hair products to keep that hair under control. Always remember, no matter what look you’re going for, a picture’s worth a thousand words, especially when talking to your barber.

The hair on your head is important, but what about the hair on your face? 2016 is the year of the beard, and there are tons of ways to rock it. Everything from a well-trimmed shadow to a full blown lumberjack look can work great.


The secret to keeping your beard looking fresh is picking up a high quality trimmer and treating it just like your hair! If you’re going with a longer look always be sure to trim up to keep straight lines and get rid of messy straggling hairs.

Once you’re all trimmed up and straightened out be sure to grab some high quality beard oil to keep it tidy and moisturized. If a beard isn’t for you, then be sure to up your shave game with a high quality shave kit for an ultra-close shave and smooth skin.

The last thing we need to discuss is that fine line between the natural look and the ‘haven’t showered in a week’ look. Looking good starts with your health. Healthy, hydrated skin means less wrinkles, less acne and a brighter, more even looking face.

Creams and moisturizers aren’t just for ladies anymore, so pick up a high quality facial moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and moisturized; one with SPF in it is a plus in the coming summer months.

Choosing the right facial cleanser is just as important as the moisturizer, some people need a gentle moisturizing cleanser and others need something to fight oil and acne. Keep your face clean and moisturized and you’ll not only see the difference, but feel it too!

Looking great this year is simple! Visit your barber and pick a haircut that works for you. Pick up a beard trimmer and keep it long, but neat. And lastly remember that healthy skin is happy skin so be sure to keep it clean and moisturized for clear, bright skin.

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