This Sunday marks the first day of Spring, and that means warmer weather, Sunday brunches, trips to the beach, and of course, weddings. Guys, are you planning on going to any of these? Then it’s time to step up your style game for this spring season.

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With that in mind, we are devoting this blog post to finding the hottest men’s styles for Spring 2016, no matter the budget or occasion. Remember, spring is the time to step it up, add a little flair, even get a little dressy. So we curated a whole Pinterest board with awesome ideas and products to help you get started.   Here’s the four must haves for this spring!

1. Pastel Sports Shirts

Brooks Brothers Pastel Sports Shirts

First, it’s time to put away the ratty old t-shirts and worn out hoodies and pick up a couple of oxford sport shirts; preferably pastel ones, and a little plaid wouldn’t hurt either! Our favorites are these awesome Brooks Brothers sport shirts in a huge variety of pastels and light spring colors. If you’re nervous about breaking out the pastels for the first time, just remember, real men wear pink!

2. Bow Tie

Gingham Bow Ties

The next style icon of 2016 is the bow tie. Bow ties are a blast from the past and are making a serious statement in men’s fashion this spring.  Whether it  is Easter Sunday or your best friends wedding or even a first date,  Formal or informal, the bow tie is a great alternative to the standard tie.

We recommend these Gingham print bow ties from The Beau. Of course we recommend learning how to tie your own bow tie too (we love challenges here at Find&Save), so here’s an awesome chart to help you out!

3. Lightweight Beige Suit

Beige Suits

The third must have style piece this spring is the lightweight beige suit (every man should own a suit). Dress it up with a dress shirt and a bow tie, and you are ready to attend a wedding or other more formal occasion.  Or it can be dressed down (try one of the Brooks Brothers sport shirts) to go to Sunday brunch in the city.  We recommend looking for a cotton suit as the weather gets warmer so you can stay comfortable and dry.  There’s ton’s of options ranging in price and quality but it has to fit right and look great like the ones in this awesome look book!

4. Loafers

The Loafer

The last wardrobe necessity for this spring is the Loafer. The loafer is another timeless piece of wardrobe that you can’t go wrong with and should own..  There’s ton’s of styles but some of our favorite are a light brown leather, or a navy blue suede. This is another item with lot’s of potential that can be dressed up with a suit or worn casual with some Chinos or shorts. We recommend taking at look at this style guide to get a better idea of what you like best!

Now that you know the four keys to fashion success this Spring it’s time to do some shopping! If you still feel lost just scroll through our Menswear Pinterest board for tons of styles! When it comes time to do some shopping visit Find&Save for awesome deals on this Springs hottest styles!