I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about football, but I do know about football parties. When it comes to football, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a sack and a safety. I’m hesitant to admit it, but if football is involved, I am indeed a bandwagoner. When people ask me about my favorite team, I’ll mumble something about how our local team (San Francisco 49ers) is doing this year. If I’m at a bar on a Sunday afternoon, and the crowd around me is cheering, I’ll clap along supportingly.

I think I’m better off watching people support their teams. What better way to provide sports-related support than a party? To kick off my party planning, I searched for deals in my area, and used Find&Save to do cost comparison. Find&Save is also running a ton of cash back deals this week to support the frantic shopping that comes with the big game (click on the highlighted links in your smartphone to get special offers).*

Festive Food

If you decide to wait in line during half time at Buffalo Wild Wings or Wing Stop, not only will waste precious commercial/game watching time – you may miss the entire second half. If you decide to order, be sure to order ahead online or by phone by the morning of.

Take an alternate route by keeping a few DiGiorno pizzas in the freezer so they will be ready to eat within a few minutes. Less prep time = more couch time.

Snack platters and dips are always good to have on hand for gatherings. A Costco assortment of meats or cheese would make a great game time snack. Tostitos are also a great option, especially if use layered dip to create variety.

football of guac


I think the phrase “less is more” does not apply in this situation, especially when it comes to beer. As a party host, it’s essential to make sure you do not run out of supplies. In this case, make sure you have your liquid supplies stocked up! CVS & Walgreens often have discounts on 12 packs & 18 packs of beer. You can pick up a few variety packs at Costco that will appeal to both light and dark beer drinkers. For the non-alcoholic options, Coke or Diet Coke usually does the trick.


trash bag

Party City has everything you’ll need for this game. From anniversary cups to a pop up football field for a garbage can. Make your life a little bit easier by getting entirely disposable utensils, cups and plates. Clean up time will be much faster!


Never overestimate how many people one couch can hold! Make sure to set up additional fold out chairs, or even some cushions on the floor. Maybe it’s the perfect time to buy a couch, after all Big Lots is having their Semi- Annual Home event.

The appropriate sized TV

The best time to buy a television is right after January. New models are out and the old models have hit the sales rack. Best Buy is offering up to 25% off HD TV’s! Other stores like Sears and Target are also having TV promotion deals. Make sure you buy a TV that fits in your living space, bigger is not always better. Watching the game on a projector is another alternative. Projectors are portable, adjustable and really put you in the action-it’s like you’re watching the game at the stadium (or at least you can pretend).

Enjoy the 50th anniversary, you’ll find me sitting with friends in front of my new TV. 



Click on each offer from your phone to get the cash back deal in the Find&Save app.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Spend $25, get $2 back

Wing Stop: Spend $25, get $2 back

DiGiorno frozen pizza (at Walgreens): Spend $6, get $1 back

Costco: Spend $50, get 2% back

Tostitos (at any store): Spend $3, get $0.75 back

CVS: Spend $15, get $1 back

Coke/Diet Coke (at Kmart): Spend $5, get $0.75 back

Party City: Spend $25, get 2% back

Big Lots: Spend $25, get 3% back