Savvy shoppers know how important it its stay within a budget and get the most out of every dollar. Many shoppers reach for the plastic when they spot a great sale, but sometimes you just need to let a sale pass you by. It all depends on your total financial picture. To help shoppers spend wisely, developers have created a series of apps that come in three basic categories: deal finders, expense trackers and budgeting apps.

Getting the Best Deal

Shoppers want apps that help them maximize their use of coupons and save them money. Find&Save combines these in one, easy-to-use app. Every receipt from a participating store goes towards cash back! By using Find&Save efficiently, you could be earning some nice pocket money on a regular basis. This app is a must-have for in-store shopping. It also keeps track of store circulars, showing current sale prices, available coupons that can be scanned from your phone, and stores your receipts.

As an added bonus, Find&Save users will also see deals pop up for stores in their area. Instead of hunting down the sales, sales come to you, which helps you get the absolute best price available on everything you purchase.

Track Your Expenses

Bargain hunters may pay well below retail, but an important element to financial health starts by tracking where your money is going. A really good price doesn’t justify spending your rent money, so knowing how much money is coming in and how much is going out is a crucial ingredient to enjoying sales and deals.

Apps such as Mint, give you a real-time, complete look into all of your finances. This includes bank accounts, credit cards, and loans to name a few! It tracks your spending and categorizes it for you so you can see what areas you spend the most money in. Maybe you’ll be drinking Starbucks a little bit less in the New Year, I know I will be, thanks to this app.

Build a Budget

Once you know what you have to work with, it’s important to build a budget. Budgeting your daily spending is essential. After all, an emergency could leave you buying a last-minute plane ticket, taking unpaid time off work, or paying for a major car or home repair. If you don’t have money set aside, you could be looking at a very high-interest loan or maxed out credit cards.

Level Money helps you prepare for the worst by reminding you how much you can spend and still meet your savings goals. The app connects to your bank account; from there it calculates your income, recurring bills and creates suggestions for your daily, weekly and monthly spending.

It also tracks how much money you should be saving every month in conjunction with your monthly spending budget. You can set up an auto-save amount, and money unspent from your budget will go into your savings account.

Combining these three types of apps gives you the tools you need to enjoy guilt-free shopping. You’ll be able to track purchases and expenses, and know exactly how much you can spend. Pairing budgeting apps with deal finders gives you a one-two knockout punch. You save on everything you buy, and you take more conscious control over what you buy. Nickels and dimes add up quickly, so it is important to watch the pennies to save the dollars.