The holiday season, though festive and fun, can be fatiguing.  Time is running out and it’s a sprint to the Christmas finish line; guests are arriving in the next few days, there are still presents to be bought and food to prepare. How do you do it all in a short period of time?

Make a list

Write down everything that needs to be done before the holidays by making an official “to- do” list. Focus on only thing one at a time, as your writing or else you may find yourself severely overwhelmed.  


Grab some coffee, sit down and take some time to think. Think about what needs to be done immediately and what can wait. Prioritize and rank your activities based on time constraints. If you have to prepare a meal for twelve within a couple of days, it may be wise to skip your neighbor’s annual Christmas party this year. Quick tasks should be judged based on importance, don’t make it a high priority if it can wait. Rank each task so that you can tackle number one before moving onto number two. Make sure to check it twice!

Research Before Leaving Home

In order to avoid frantically running to stores for last minute gifts, research which stores carry your item. This will save you time loads of time! Especially when it comes to driving, finding parking and standing in line.

You can turn yourself into a shopping superhero through your mobile phone. Find&Save offers some of the best price saving potential on the products you want, allowing you to choose from over 18,000 retailers, including local options available in your area. This way, you see in advance which stores stock your highly sought out item (maybe it’s the Fitbit Charge HR?), and call ahead to make sure they have some in stock.

To ensure a successful Christmas season, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday spirit. Take the time to soak in the happiness and joy around you, filled with those you care about and make this holiday season a special one.