Wanderful Media released their annual 2015 Holiday Shopping Survey. This year’s survey results highlighted millennials and their shopping habits. Who better to speak on behalf of millennials than one herself?

As a millennial, I can only speak for myself when I say one of my favorite parts about the holidays is giving gifts to others. I prefer hand-pick each gift as opposed to buying it online. There’s something more personal about spending the time searching for the right gift as opposed to spending minutes scrolling online as I often find my friends doing.

My favorite time to buy holiday gifts is during Black Friday. It’s my one-stop shopping day! I get all my winter wear, gifts, presents and random household items I’ve been holding out for.

78% of millennial shoppers are willing to use mobile shopping apps this holiday season.

I couldn’t really call myself a true millennial if I said I didn’t use my phone to prepare for Black Friday. I usual scour online sites and apps to view all Black Friday sales in my location.

Millennial holiday shoppers look for holiday sales:

  1. Emails from stores
  2. Websites or apps that show sales from multiple retailers
  3. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter…)

Usually, on Thanksgiving morning I’ll also look through my dad’s collection of newspaper circulars, then I’ll check my emails, Facebook and Instagram for the latest advertised deals for stores I follow and/or subscribe to.

All shoppers, including millennials, primarily use mobile to find deals, coupons and/or promo codes for stores nearby; compare prices from other stores or online; and find store locations.

While I’m out shopping on Black Friday, I’ll usually keep mobile phone handy. For example, I use the eBay app to compare prices of items I find in store to what others are selling it for online. I’ll also use the Find&Save app to see what other retail stores are listing as their prices for similar items. I have no problem leaving Macy’s to go to Target to get a different pair of black boots, or even buying items on eBay the same day.

The retail stores I hit every year include: Target, Kohls, JCPenney (& their home store), and clothing stores such as Cotton On and Charlotte Russe.

94% of millennials are more likely than all others to shop with friends or family members.

Another big reason behind my eight year tradition of Black Friday shopping is because an annual bonding time for my mother and I. For as long as I can remember (this says a lot about my memory), my mom and I would wake up at 4:00 a,m., grab some Starbucks and run to the mall to get to the doorbuster sales before they ended at 10am.

Holiday spending is lower among millennials.

When it comes to my holiday spending budget, I tend to spend more than I anticipate, and buy things that aren’t on my list. I’ll try to cap it around $300, but after tax and whatnot, it usually ends up being closer to $500 (not including coffee, lunch and more coffee).

My least favorite part about holiday shopping is the lines! The best way to endure them is by being productive – and this is where I reach for my phone again. Return emails, text your friends and make plans to shop together later, or submit your receipts for cash back on apps like Find&Save.