In the past, I have written about my family and Sunday dinners. At any one time we can have 8-15 people hanging out, playing games, watching football, laughing and eating my mom’s great food. Thanksgiving Day is no exception.  

With so many people, getting dinner on the table, on time and hot is always a challenge. We always make fun of my mom’s timing but her food is always hot and delicious. Mom, has at her disposal a five burner gas cooktop, 2 ovens, a big Weber BBQ, and the trusty Crock-Pot. Sure, we have used it many times for Sunday dinner (chili, soup, etc.) but last year was the first time we used it for Thanksgiving… and oh boy did it work our great for our stuffing!

 Crockpot BBSlow cookers come in different sizes. To cook her stuffing, mom uses a classic 4Qt Crock Pot slow cooker, like this one from Best Buy.  It is the perfect size to feed our big family. Feeding a smaller family? Then try this 3 qt. cooker.  If you want a slow cooker that is both functional and looks great on your countertop then this 4 Qt red oval Crock-Pot is ideal.  The nice thing about these slow cookers that all have inserts that are microwavable, dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Even better yet they can all be found at Best Buy.

Don’t have a slow cooker or oven roaster? Have I peeked your interest yet in getting one and using it for Thanksgiving? Then run on over to Best Buy, use this coupon on via your mobile’s browser to save you money on your Crock-Pot. via your mobile’s browser to save you money on your cooker. 

Once you have your cooker, you are ready for some simple and easy stuffing recipes. Last  year we used a recipe from Mrs. Cubbison’s  and doctored it up a bit by adding Italian sausage and various herbs and spices. It turned out great. Or try this one from Food Network.

Let Find&Save and Best Buy save you time and money this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Time you can use spending time with your family.