I often find myself browsing baking ideas on Pinterest and various food blogs. This usually results in the creation of multiple baking ideas that I want to try … but never actually do. I know I’m not alone here, it’s so easy to find things you want to create, but where is actually the time to do them? I decided to take the plunge and gave myself a deadline. Halloween is coming up, so scouring the internet for a simple project that a amateur baker such as myself could accomplish, was easy.

I discovered the Startlingly Simple Ghost Cookies project on the Michaels  site. They seemed really cute, simple and easy to make … for the average person. I however, am a disaster in the kitchen, so let me show you how I went from Michaels Startingly Simple Ghost Cookies to Shyna’s Surprisingly Silly Spirit Cookies.

First off, I tried to save time baking by purchasing pre-made dough as opposed to baking from scratch. I purchased three pounds of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie pre-made dough from Safeway, and Wilton Icing Pouches at Michaels for the frosting, flour, candy eyeballs, parchment paper, and Halloween cookie cutters (in store at Michaels).

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then roll out the dough, I used flour to cover the surface so the dough wouldn’t stick. 


Step 2: Use the ghost cookie cutter to cut out shapes and lay on parchment paper. 

raw cookie dough ghost

Step 3: Put cookies in the oven and pull out after 10-11 minutes until they brown slightly. 


My cookies had expanded far beyond what I had imagined! My cookies went from “Casper” the friendly looking ghost to “Ghostbuster” ghouls. Hoping that icing would make them complete, I continued onto step 4.

Step 4: Let the cookies cool- either place on the stove or in the fridge. Once they have cooled, begin frosting. 


In my attempts to create a smooth and even layer of icing, I realized that it wasn’t possible. I forgot to buy the angled spatula that aided to creating a flawless layer of frosting. The texture of the frosting appear messy and uneven, as I spread it on with a butter knife.

Frustrated, I grabbed a new icing pouch and pulled off the tip. To my surprise, underneath the tip was a star shaped tip! Using this, I began to pipe away! Funny enough, I ended up loving the texture that this tip provided, the piping technique provided by the alternate tip brought out the color and detail of the icing.

Within minutes, I went from frustrated to highly satisfied! I added candy eyes to get a cute “eat me” look.

Step 5: It’s all about the presentation!


The presentation of your dessert is highly important in order to create temptation. I found these cute “No Tricks, Just Treats” napkins at Michaels and used them as a decorative touch to go with my Halloween theme. I scattered the cookies and napkins throughout the table for the final presentation before consumption.

4 ghosts

Though I was entirely unprepared beginning a last minute baking project, my silly spirit cookies turned out to be quite delicious! Those who saw them instantly were able to identify them as ghosts! Whenever you find yourself starting a new baking project, just know that it’s okay if it doesn’t turn out as you hoped. There are always ways troubleshoot a new delicious solution – you just have to be creative!

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