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College: the most memorable time in your life, some say. I’ll be honest, I can’t really forget college because I have yet to leave. I took the five year route, which makes my upcoming graduation well worth the wait.

As a soon to be graduate, I came up with a list of a few things myself and other Class of 2015 grads might desire. Though it’s not too hard to pick out a gift that any grad would appreciate, it’s harder to pick out one they will love! Here are some suggestions to make your hunting a little easier:

Plane landing by sunrise1. A Summer Trip

The summer after college is an exploratory one. It’s the transitioning period between college and the harsh reality of the real world. Every fresh college grad would love to go exploring in a new place after graduation.

For cheaper alternatives to expensive Europe trips, consider countries like Thailand, Puerto Rico, or Bolivia. Don’t forget to pick up a passport wallet when you hand them the plane tickets!

2. A GoPro

Digital Cameras have taken a back step to the GoPro. The GoPro HERO4 shoots in professional video quality, can easily be mounted and captures high quality photos. Attachments for this allow it to be mounted onto a surfboard, selfie stick, bike handlebars, helmet, chest, etc. The GoPro is perfect to bring along on any trip or adventure, and is perfect to share a first point perspective with the family.

3. A New Laptop

After five years, it’s safe to say my laptop isn’t what it was when it was purchased. A lot more worn down, and slow from years worth of use, it’s time for an upgrade! Laptops now run a lot faster, are lighter and have a lot more new features than when I began college – you can even find a laptop that doubles as a tablet.

Treat your grad to the latest technology and hardware.

4. A Bikebusinessman riding bicycle by building

Buying a car is a whole lot more expensive than purchasing a bicycle. Cheaper than a car, a bicycle provides exercise and a reliable form of transportation – it’s 2 in 1!

5. Household Items

We have a job now! Excited to move out of our parents place, and live independently, but we are still broke. Barely able to make first month’s rent, grads aren’t thinking much about their household decor. Buying them some much needed furniture or household items would a extremely useful and practical gift.

Congrats to all you graduates out there, I’ll see you in the real world!