Spring is here, which means summer is right around the corner! Get your home summer ready indoors and out with these five handy tips.

  1. Tackle the systems checklist

The first order of business after a cold winter is to make sure all systems and amenities are in working order. Inspect sprinkler systems, indoor and outdoor fans, door and window screens, and AC units and systems. Make necessary repairs and replacements now, saving yourself an emergency call months down the line.

  1. Gather your gear

Make a checklist of the activities your family enjoys most, pull items out of storage and inspect them, and then go shopping for the rest. If you need a little of everything, think of recreation essentials like skateboards, basketball hoops, soccer goals, bicycles, balls, and bocce ball and croquet sets. These are all great ideas to get you started. Need to save money on summer gear? Take advantage of a deal finding app like Find&Save to be alerted of the best sales for every item on your list.

  1. Organize the garage and mudroom

Designate specific areas of your garage for lawn care, sports gear, bicycles, etc. Give every family member a hook and personalized basket for quick storage after a long day at play, and position a large basket or tub just inside the door for wet and dirty clothing.

  1. Buy a grill

Save on energy and beat the heat! There are grills to fit every space and budget, from small and inexpensive charcoal grills to large propane grills that are more like mini-kitchens.

  1. Provide seating

Whether it’s a bistro set on an itty-bitty balcony or outdoor sectional seating on a rolling lawn, make sure you buy outdoor furniture that your family will use and enjoy. If you need shade, utilize an awning or umbrella. Make sure you have a table or two for tall, cold glasses of lemonade.

With a little advance planning and preparation, you’ll be ready to make the most of the summer months!