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Have you ever gone on vacation with your family and the airlines lost your luggage? Traveled out of town for work and need to find a new suit before the big meeting because the one you were wearing got a big coffee stain on it? You just moved to a new town and you have no idea where the local Target or Walgreens is?

If you experienced any of these scenarios and you did not know where to go then the Find&Save app is the perfect app to have. Maybe even earning a bit of cash while you shop.

How do you earn cash while you shop you ask? Easy, through the Find&Save app’s Cash Dash alerts. Each Find&Save Cash Dash promotion starts with a mobile phone alert letting you know you are near a store where you can earn cash back.

Once the lucky shopper receives the alert, the real fun begins. You have a certain time frame (such as two days) to go shopping at a retailer, take a photo of the receipt from the app and submit. Once approved, money is transferred in the your PayPal account.  It is that simple.

The Find&Save app, for both Android and iPhone, also contains featured deals, products from major retailers, weekly retailer circulars, and mall information that is local and near you.

So, whether you are in Sacramento, California searching for the local drug store or a suit and tie in Houston, Texas or the nearest mall in Orlando, Florida for a whole new wardrobe (thank you airlines) the Find&Save app will adjust to your location making it the perfect app to find what need. All this and saving you time and money in the process.

Whether you need a completely new wardrobe from the mall, or just milk from the local grocery or drug store, and you just simply don’t know where to go?  Download the Find&Save app, the perfect app to locate all your needs, wherever you are.