7 Tips for Find&Save Cash Dash

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Getting cash back with the Find&Save mobile app for iPhone and Android phones is easier than you may think. Here are some quick tips to help you get more Find&Save Cash Dash alerts, more often!

Please note, all store locations may not trigger an alert, and maybe you will get one at a certain store, but someone else who is with you may not. Getting an alert is a fun surprise to add to your shopping experience. In addition to finding the latest deals and coupons, the app provides opportunities to get cash back.

1. Install the Latest Version

Having the most up to date version of the Find&Save app is key. You can visit the App Store or Google Play to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Find&Save app installed.

2. Enable Location Services

With so many different types of Android phones using the Find&Save app, enabling location services varies from phone to phone. Here are a couple of tips we have found:

Having the phone’s Wi-Fi on helps improve the location — triggering more alerts.

Some shoppers have also said when they are driving with a Maps or Navigation app open, they see more Cash Dash alerts since the phone is in an active location tracking mode.

For iPhone users, use the following steps to ensure notification settings are on.

1. Go to your iPhone settings.
2. Tap Privacy.
3. Tap Locations Services.
4. Set Find&Save to ON.


3. Allow Notifications

For Android phone users, you should be able to skip this step since you allow notifications when you install the app.

For iPhone users, you may have to double-check this setting is turned on by doing the following:

1. Go to your iPhone Settings.
2. Tap Notifications.
3. Tap Find&Save and turn on Allow Notifications.


4. Look Out for Find&Save Cash Dash Alerts

It is important to note, the majority of times you receive a Cash Dash alert is when you are out shopping. You should not expect an alert if you are sitting at home or in your office or in your hotel room or on the beach … the alerts mainly happen when you are out in stores.

The Find&Save app does not need to be open in order to receive a notification — just make sure your notifications are turned on (see number two).


5. Shop and Submit Your Receipt

When you receive the Find&Save Cash Dash alert on your phone, tap the alert and read what the promotion details are. It will let you know:

1. What store to go to.
2. How much time is left to go shopping at the store.
3. What the cash back amount will be, and how much the minimum spend is. For example: Get $10 Cash Back. A minimum $20 spend is required.

After receiving a Cash Dash alert, go shopping at the specified store and then submit your receipt right away. Since there may be a limit to the number of participants for each promotion, the quicker you get your receipt in the more likely you are to get approved (and the faster you’ll get paid). Please be aware, the ability to submit a receipt ends as soon as the Cash Dash promotion ends.

Keep the following in mind when shopping:

The minimum spend amount is for the total purchase (not including tax) after all of your coupons and other discounts have been applied.

Alway read the “small print” of each Find&Save Cash Dash, as this can change from promotion to promotion. For most campaigns, purchases that are usually not included are: Gift Cards, Money Orders, Prescriptions, Lottery Tickets, Firearms and Gas. This does not mean you can’t buy these items, they just do not count towards the minimum spend amount for the Cash Dash.

For some campaigns, an item is asked to be included. For example, one of the Safeway Cash Dash promotions that happened before Thanksgiving required the purchase of a turkey to be included on the receipt.

To submit your receipt, open the app and tap the alert symbol to view available Cash Dash promotions. On iPhones, the alert symbol is usually on the “more” tab on the bottom right of the screen. For Android, the alert symbol is typically on the top right of the screen.

Once on the Cash Dash promotions screen, tap the store name for the Cash Dash you are submitting for. Follow the instructions to take a photo and submit your receipt on the next screen in the app.

Long Receipts – If you have a long receipt, just make sure the full receipt is included in the photo, even if it appears smaller than the guidelines on the screen. Items that need to be captured are: what you purchased, the store name and address, and the total. The bonus coupons, store surveys and other extra information that can be found at the bottom of some receipts are not needed and can be excluded from the photo. [UPDATE: You are now able to take up to five photos of your receipt.]


6. Check Your Email

The Find&Save team will review your receipt and follow-up with a confirmation email in three days or less. The email will let you know if the receipt was accepted or rejected. If it was accepted, proceed to the next step.

If you receipt was rejected, the email will give you details on why. Here are three common reasons, which you can help prevent from happening:

Wrong Date – The date the on receipt needs to be within the time frame of the particular Cash Dash alert. Submitting a receipt from the day before or a day after the promotion will not be approved. The timing for the receipt submission is included in the Cash Dash alert.

Receipt Image Incorrect – It is important that the full receipt image is included to the team can verify details such as the store name and date. If this is the reason your receipt was rejected, you can reply to the email (to cashdash@findnsave.com) with a better photo (can send more than one photo) showing a clear image of the full receipt.

Incorrect Amount – The Cash Dash alert includes a minimum spend. Sometimes an alert is Spend $5, Get $5, and other times it may be Spend $100, Get $25. Be sure to always check with the minimum spend is before shopping at the store.


7. Get Your Cash

Find&Save will send you an email confirming your receipt was approved. Soon after (same day or the next day), you will receive an email from PayPal letting you know you just got paid from Find&Save.

IMG_5806You can log in to PayPal and transfer the money into your bank account or save it for making future purchases using PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily create one following the directions provided in the email from PayPal.

If you already have a PayPal account with a different email address, you can add an additional email account in the PayPal settings.

For more help with Find&Save Cash Dash, you can email the support team at cashdash@findnsave.com. You can also call (866) 932-4237 and ask for Find&Save Support.

For more information on Find&Save Cash Dash, visit findnsave.com/apps.

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