Find&Save app for iPhone and Android phones

Find&Save just went from saving you money to giving that money right back to you! As you probably know, Find&Save helps shoppers find the latest sales and coupons at nearby stores, based on their current location.

Now, they are saving Christmas. The recently launched Cash Dash feature in the Find&Save mobile phone app enables shoppers to get up to $50 cash back after just one purchase in a store. Other shopping apps require consumers to make several shopping trips and wait for points to add up, and/or require users to buy specific items for cash back.

There will be multiple Find&Save Cash Dash promotions through the end of the year, potentially giving each Find&Save shopper the opportunity to get hundreds of dollars back.

How Find&Save Cash Dash works

Each Find&Save Cash Dash promotion starts with a mobile phone alert from the Find&Save app. For the current version of the app, about one out of three Find&Save users has received a Cash Dash alert on their phone.

Once the lucky shopper receives the Cash Dash alert, the fun begins. They have between 24 – 72 hours to go shopping at a major retailer, then take a photo of their receipt from the Find&Save app. They will then get paid within days. For example, a Find&Save Cash Dash alert can tell them if they spend at least $50 at a store (such as Target, Walgreens or Radio Shack, etc.) in the next three days, they will get $50 back. That $50 payment can then be transferred directly into their bank account.

There will be many chances for all app users to earn cash back, as there will be new Cash Dash alerts one to five times a week through the end of the year. For Black Friday weekend and beyond, Find&Save plans to send out Cash Dash alerts to nearly all Find&Save mobile phone app users.

Please, try it for yourself, you’ll be hooked just like the users in the video below.