Halloween might just be about the best thing ever if you are a kid. You get to dress up as your favorite character and you get buckets of free candy. However, finding the right costume for kids is a lot harder than it seems.

Store bought costumes usually cost a lot and are made of the cheapest material possible, so there is a good chance of it falling apart before the end of the night. If you are handy with a sewing machine then you can probably don’t need help and are just going to pop over to Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft Store and do your thing.

However there’s a good chance you already have parts of costumes at home that you didn’t even know. Here are some ideas for the top two costumes this year: minions from Despicable Me, and Elsa from Frozen.


Everyone loves the minions. There’s a good chance there will be a handful of these guys at any halloween party this year. To get started grab some blue jeans and a yellow turtleneck. If you don’t have a yellow turtleneck, don’t bother buying a new one – your best bet is your local thrift store. Now here’s what to buy:

1. Despicable Me 2 Soft Minion Goggles at ToysRUs
2. SPACECRAFT Spacecraft Jet City Yellow Beanie at Zumiez
3. Blue And Yellow Button Costume Suspenders at Hot Topic
4. Handmaster Fits All Black Vinyl Coated Gauntlet Gloves at Ace Hardware
5. Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 312 Black 7 oz at Walmart. (You’ll be using this yarn to glue or sew to the beanie to make minion hair.)



Frozen characters are going to be one of the most popular costumes this year, with Elsa at the top. Elsa’s dress is pretty complex so I recommend buying the cheapest store bought one you can find and adding to it. You’ll have to get a little crafty with this one, and make a big yarn wig to get Elsa’s signature braid. Rain Blanken does a great tutorial at DIY fashion on how to make a yarn wig out of a knit beanie.

1. Disney Frozen Elsa’s Dress at Target
2. Chunky Ribbed Knit Beanie at Forever 21
3. Lion Brand Pound of Love Baby Yarn at Walmart