School office supplies.

I love notebooks, and pens, and printed folders – colorful office supplies in general. My childhood love of stationary and school supplies has stuck with me and results in an extra set of everything in my home office. As you can imagine, I love Back-To-School Sales!

From cheap go-to items, to new releases of different color patterns of everything office related, I enjoy hitting up Staples, OfficeMax/Office Depot, Target and others this time of the year.

photoAfter browsing through the weekly ads on Find&Save, my first stop was OfficeMax. They had a great sale on all of the basics for my son’s high school supply list. He ended up having to leave the store to go get a bite to eat so I can continue to browse around in peace.

From one-cent notebooks to a colorful array of Sharpie markers that were 50 percent off, I had great time adding items to my cart without having to question when I would actually use it.

At Target, I liked the Yoobi line of supplies, since they donate the same items you buy to students in need around the US. They came in many fun colors, and go to good cause. More notebooks for my collection!

With the 110 percent price match Staples is offering, I definitely had to stop by my local store location. Here is where I picked up the supplies my son actually needed, based on what the teachers said on the first day of school. For example, many of the notebooks I already had were 70 pages each, and his history teacher required two notebooks of at least 80 pages.

If I you’re not a school supply shopping lover like myself, I recommend waiting until after the first day of school to get the supplies. Even though the stores, and schools, provide a list of what to get for each grade, there is always something new to get from the teacher’s requested classroom supplies.

Backpack With School SuppliesYou may think this doesn’t apply for you because you don’t have a child to shop for, but you can always:

  1. Buy some low-cost supplies and donate them to your local school. There is always a student in need who would appreciate it.
  2. Stock up on office supplies – for your work desk, home office, or even for a new pen that you can’t easily find when you’re on the phone in the kitchen.

Whatever the reason, check out the Back-To-School sales gathered and presented by the Find&Save team, then head on out to your local store to stock up on paper, or get a new stapler or a 32 gig usb drive or even a new laptop. It’s a great time of the year to buy all of these items and more!