The long days of the summer are slowly ending, and soon-to-be students are preparing for a new chapter in their life: college and living in a dorm room for the first time.

Adjusting to living in a dorm room, and for many a new roommate, can cause anxiety in many. However, with planning, organization and budgeting, the move and transition into dorm life will be a breeze!


1. Add a little flare

The first step in creating a personalized and relaxing dorm room will be selecting your dorm bedding. Typically, dorm rooms are generic and bland, but with the right selection of bedding, you can liven up any space to reflect your personality.

Target holds a great variety of patterns, textures and solids in bedding like this one by Castle Hill to give your dorm room a little bit of spunk!

9464241-8002. Maximize Your Space

Sharing a small space also requires skill and knowledge about space planning. Most dorms come with at least a bed and desk but maximizing your space is important.

Featured on Find&Save, this Studio 3B Gearbox hanging organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond allows you to store clothes or shoes vertically in a closet, saving space and still remain stylish. To avoid clutter of new books, notebooks, folders and much more invest in desk and office supply organizers like these found at Office Depot to keep your desk clean and organized.

8347670-8003. Make Wall-to-Wall You

Lastly, your dorms room walls is your canvas to express yourself. Have fun in choosing pictures, posters, fun lighting, frames, tapestriesstickers and fabric to allow your personal style to shine.

Make sure you have the right equipment to keep the walls safe from physical damage. Office Depot has a wide assortment of picture hangers by 3M that will leave no residue on the walls for an easy removal at the end of the school year.

Shopping for your dorm room, accumulating decor pieces, bedding essentials and accessories, should not be a chore but a fun adventure!