Every avid crafter probably already has their own set of favorite materials and a decent set of tools. However, here are 6 tools you might not have even known that you need in your craft corner or supply box right now.

  1. Mini Snap Knife – All the precision of a small x-acto but the strength of a bigger box cutter. The snap-able blades are so easy and they give you a nice clean edge on nearly any thin material. I almost rarely use scissors now when it comes to paper crafts.
  2. Self Healing Cutting Mat – Something to go with your new snap-able blade. Protect your tables and keep your blades sharp longer. Cut deep into the board and the cut seems to instantly disappear. Perfect for blades and rotary knives. If only I had a whole table made of this stuff.
  3. Glue Dots – The glue of the future. These things are like little dots of stretchy gummy glue. They stick anything to anything quick and are hassle free. No more glue guns and tacky glue, these little guys will save you hours when it comes to scrapbooking and paper models.
  4. Krylon Spray Effect Paint – Well they come is pretty much every color and are a quality. But they now also come is a line of effect makers. Make wood look like shiny metal, turn regular glass into a mirror, cover anything in glitter or chalkboard paint, and add a stone texture to just about everything else. These paint effects are quick and easy to apply and look great.
  5. Spray Glue – This one will take a few tries to learn how to use without getting it on everything, but it’s the best thing around when it comes to mounting photos or paper. You get a nice even coat of adhesive with no buckles. There are both permanent and reposition able types.
  6. Iron-On Transfers – Make unique handmade gifts in a flash. The possibilities are endless when you can print anything onto fabric. This product comes in iron ons for light colored fabric and dark colored. On top of putting photos on fabric you also now have a way to make your own print fabrics on a small scale.