We found a lot of great sunglasses on sale in your area on Find&Save. Click the banner to browse through the deals.

We found a lot of great sunglasses on sale in your area on Find&Save. Click the banner to browse through the deals.

Summer’s here and the sunshine is only getting brighter and brighter!  No matter where you live, we have all felt that summer heat and one accessory, sunglasses, provide much needed help from the blinding rays of the sun.

No matter your activity of choice during the summer — lunch dates, beach days, outdoor parties, or sporting events, you name it — there are sunglasses to fit your need!

oversized roundsThis past weekend I went on a small vacation with my girlfriends to the beautiful beach city of Santa Cruz, California. Whether we were strolling along the beaches or shopping at nearby shops, my sunglasses were always at reach.

My favorite pair has to be my over-sized fashionista style sunglasses, much like these Jessica Simpson Oversized Rounds that you can get at Dillards. Not only do they make a bold statement to keep up with your inner fashion guru, you’re also shielding your eyes from the harsh sun rays.

As we walked along the beach, many frisbee and football games were in progress. Some of the more impressive players were sporting Under Armour sunglasses. They allowed them to keep full focus in the game, without any glares or distractions of the sun.

2457495-800Sunglasses should act as both a protector and fun fashionable statement. They can help your eyes from the sun’s extreme rays but act as an exciting accessory too. They also come in a range of prices and can be purchased almost anywhere from convenience stores to national retail chains that specialize in sunglasses.

Sunglass Hut sells sunglasses with designer names and in-trend styles that trend in a higher price point.

In contrast, for someone like myself who is on a budget, American Eagle keeps prices in my budget but still holds a wide variety of styles for every occasion.

7285574-800Even young kids need protection from the rays. Babies R Us allows the opportunity for any age to feel stylish and protected.

Whether you’re a budget shopper or want to splurge and spend a bit extra on your next pair of glasses, Find&Save can help you get the job done! I hope you find your special pair!