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2377601-420I said yes! and can’t stop showing off my ring. I am very happy and excited however it all comes with a lot of nervousness and anxiety over thoughts like when should the big day be? How will I prepare for it all? Is it too soon? Since I am Indian, there is also the question of how many days long my wedding ceremony should be?

However there is one thing that I am not nervous about and on the contrary am thrilled about, the wedding gifts all my lovely friends and family would give me on/for my big day. To ensure that all my guests are well informed and make the right choices **Wink..Wink**, I decided to write this blog about wedding gift ideas.

I personally believe that any gift that we give out should have a personal touch to it, something that expresses our emotions towards the occasion and more importantly towards the person whom the gift is meant for. Especially when it comes to a wedding gift, I believe it needs to send a message such as ‘ I care’ , ‘I am very happy for you’, ‘you are special’, ‘This is the best decision that you have ever made’ etc. Inspirational or customized Jewelry is definitely a good way to say ‘you deserve this and more’ or make one (the bride) feel special.

9743857-8001. Something they’ll use everyday.

If you are a kind of person who believes in utility, then maybe you might want to gift the newlyweds gifts that would fill their new house to make it a home.

Home appliances such as this K40 Keurig Elite brewing system at Target would get a lot of use by the couple.

Other ideas include a microwave, a nice blender or even a new refrigerator. You can browse the hundreds of home appliance deals on Find&Save at Sears to give you more ideas.


5882577-8002. Gifts for making memories.

A more sensitive and thoughtful gift might be a good DSLR camera to capture all the great memories that the couple would experience together.

Photo frames such as this Monique Lhuillier Waterford Sunday Rose Frame at Bed, Bath & Beyond  to decorate their home with some memories that they have already experienced together. Perhaps you could print some photos for them in your own unique ways.


vase crystal

spacer3. Help make their house a home.

Home decor is a good option, especially if you have an eye for interior decorations.

There is a risk of going too generic with this category, however if you know the bride and groom well and have a good sense of their tastes, there is an opportunity to make it special.

Crystal is a pretty safe gift for a wedding, and this set of Monique Lhuillier Waterford Crystal Gifts, Arianne Collection at Macy’s is a nice choice.


Macys_gift_card4. The safe gift.

If you are not very close to the bride or the groom — or you are a plus one to the wedding — then the safest option would be to give them case or a gift card to somewhere like Macy’s or Target.

Well the most important of all would be your presence at the wedding to show the nervous yet elated couple your love and shower them with your wishes. Sigh! I can’t wait until my big day.