When it comes to my family, they have a tendency to think of me as an expert when it comes to the latest technology, gadgets and gizmos because I happen to work for an internet company (Wanderful Media, producers of Find&Save) and they know that I try to keep up with the latest products.

To be honest, I really know enough to be dangerous. However, when they do ask, I often take into consideration their age because my family members range in age from 9 to 72 and not all gadgets are created equal — one size does not fit all.

One Sunday evening at our weekly family dinner, my mom and her husband began having the computer vs. tablet debate, as mom was looking for something new. After going back and forth for what seemed like eternity, they turned to me and asked…”what do you think?” I quickly said tablet.

View sales on Gadgets & Gizmos at stores near you.

View sales on Gadgets & Gizmos at stores near you.

Since she is close to retirement, a tablet was the perfect choice. She can check her email, look up recipes, play games and discover products on the Find&Save app and more. She finally settled for an Apple iPad similar to this Apple iPad with Retina display found at Best Buy. This was great choice as the iPads have an easy to use interface and many accessories like this iPort Charge Case and Stand for iPad at the Apple Store. This stand will come in handy when she is viewing her recipes when she is cooking our Sunday dinners.

Now, like many in their generation, my nephews Bobby and Ryan, as well as my niece Olivia, love to geek out on their iPod Touches or iPads. They love nothing more than to play Minecraft, watch videos  and listen to music. So these Beats by Dr. Dre Solo On–Ear Headphones or Monster NCredible N-Tune On-Ear Headphones at Walmart are perfect for them. Not only are they cool, hip and stylish, they give their parents some much-needed peace and quiet.

Televisions and DVD players are gadgets and gizmos that defy the generations. For viewing in your living room, try this 60-inch Samsung LED HDTV at Walmart or this Quantum FX 24” LEDTV with DVD player at Sears is perfect for any bedroom or playroom. This Apple TV at Target gives you all the best entertainment for your TV.

Whether you are in need of a new computer, tablet TV or headphones, and no matter if you are 9 or 99, there is a gadget and gizmo at any price point for you. Let Find&Save help you search and discover that perfect product to fit your needs.