I hear this quite often from my friends and family.  “You and your husband go on an awful lot of trips, it must get pretty expensive.” I find myself laughing, I sort of consider myself the queen of cheap trips and adventures.

This summer my husband I decided to visit one of our nation’s special wonders, the first National Park in the United States, Yellowstone. With our destination picked, I know it will take a little more than the cost of gas and camp site fees to have a great vacation.

Looking in my camping box I realized perhaps I am a little unprepared for this big trip. Between camping, hiking, indulging in my hobby of aerial photography and videography of wildlife, and the road trip in general, there is a lot of preparation and supplies that we will need.

Like many people, I don’t have time to drive around town comparing prices and trying to find great deals for the equipment I need. So, I turned to Find&Save to help me save time.

bear bellThere are bears in Yellowstone right?  Where DO you find Bear Mace or Bear Bells?  Well Find&Save had this bear deterrent spray as well as this bear bell with a magnetic silencer, both from REI. Silly, yet important items to have.

A quick browse through Find&Save I found a roof basket at Sears that would fit perfectly on our small car, and a six-person tent at Walmart that is just the right size for us.  

For my aerial photography hobby, I will use a remote controlled quad copter for the trip. This means I will need rechargeable batteries, which I found at Brookstone, and a way to charge my many batteries.  One quick search and I found a power inverter at Lowe’s that would work PERFECTLY for our car.

pdp_image_HERO3Plus_silver_cluster3Being that the park is so large we will be doing a great deal of driving around, giving me ample time to keep my batteries charged and my copter in the sky. I’ll also need to plug in my laptop from time to time to transfer video files from my new GoPro video camera, which can be found near me at Gamestop. Even when leaving the hustle of California to the wilds of Wyoming I guess I am still a bit tethered to my tech.

Thanks to Find&Save, I’ve managed to keep my costs down enough for this trip so now I will buy that T-Shirt at the world’s largest ball of string site or perhaps we’ll leave Yellowstone a day early to head further east to knock another item off my list, Mount Rushmore.

Photo Credit for Yellowstone National Park image: alptraum, iStock