egg blog

It’s that time of year when I start to get the urge to color some eggs. I wanted to try something different while still staying true to the food dye in a cup method. I saw this idea posted by Martha Stewart, and I thought I’d give it a try with my own twist. These eggs were rather easy to do compared to how awesome they looked at the end.


All you need are eggs, a basic egg dyeing kit, electrical tape, and some scissors. I used the Paas Egg Decorating Kit I found at Target for only $1.50 as well as just your everyday basic electrical tape. It’s got to be electrical tape because it’s stretchy, semi-waterproof, and comes off the eggs clean. I also used a bit of vinegar in the dye cups to get ultra bright colors.

Side note: I must be really bad at boiling eggs because nearly half of them exploded while I was boiling them. I guess I should have read this post about how to boil eggs.


The egg dye kit came with 9 colors which was way more than I expected. So while I waited for the color tablets to dissolve, I started cutting up the electrical tape and sticking patterns on the eggs. I experimented with different geometric shapes like triangles stripes and circles.


These shapes were easy to cut out and looked really good on the eggs. Some eggs I dyed a few seconds first and then put the tape on so that the base color wasn’t white. These tend to turn out best when you do the lightest colors first otherwise the next colors don’t really stick. The teal and purple were super intense so I used those last.


Try different techniques with adding or removing tape between dyes and overlapping shapes. When you are doing stripes, be sure to really stretch out the electrical tape while sticking it to the egg to get a nice crisp line when you take it off.

Another tip: if you are going to use yellow, do that first. Sticking any other colored egg in the yellow dye will turn the yellow that color. Mine turned green :(


Overall I loved how these turned out, and I’ll definitely be trying this again next year. Now I need to make a insane number of egg salad sandwiches, but it’ll be hard decided which of these awesome eggs to sacrifice first.