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“Mary, Mary quite contrary.  How does my garden grow?”

So starts the beginning of the famous English nursery rhyme. That is a great question because I didn’t know how to make my garden grow either.

What I did know is there were a few things that I wanted to try and do this spring that I had never done before, and one of them is to start a garden. Now living in an apartment, I knew that starting a garden could pose some obstacles but I figured if New York urban city dwellers could do it, surely I could do it on my patio here in Chico, California.

My first plan of attack was to size up my space that I had to work with and what was the purpose of my garden. I decided that I wanted to have a combination of flowers and vegetables.

Next, I did some research to see what flowers, vegetables, containers, and other things that I would need to make my garden grow.

After I found out what my basic needs were, I knew the price could add up quickly for my new side project. I didn’t worry too much about the cost though because I knew this is where Find&Save comes in handy. I was able to search the stores to best find the items I needed at a price that met my budget.

Gardening sales are currently featured on Find&Save for iPad

Gardening sales are currently featured on Find&Save for iPad

One of the things on my list was soil. The first rule of gardening (at least in my rule book) is you need soil. Can’t really grow anything without soil. I found this Miracle-Gro Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil at Lowes would do just the trick.

Next, it was time to search for containers to grow my flowers and vegetables. Since my space is limited, I needed to find containers that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, like an Oval Flower Bridge Planter at Walmart or Mayne Outdoor Planter at Lowes. Even this 20 inch Round Wooden Barrel at Home Depot would do the trick.

tool setI also found good deals for a watering can, gloves and gardening tools at Sears. There was a nice variety of plants and seeds across Find&Save retailers — from assorted Bonnie Vegetable and Herb plants at Kmart and petunia plants at Lowe’s.

The best way to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of my labor was to sit back, relax and admire my creation and handy work. This 5-piece Piece Wicker Patio Conversation Furniture Set at Target looked like it would do just fine.

My garden is set and I have place to sit and relax, so if anyone asks me the question, “how does my garden grow?” I can answer, as well as show them how to find the best deals while setting it up. Happy Gardening!