Handbag sale, currently featured on Find&Save for iPad

Handbag sale, currently featured on Find&Save for iPad

So I have a confession to make.  I have over 30 different handbags in my closet right now.  My friends and family think I need an intervention.  I obviously don’t need an intervention and feel that my all those handbags are part of a “collection.”   Why not? If the Paris’ Musee d’Orsay can have a collection of Monet and Manet paintings, surely my closet can have collection of Michael Kors, Coach, and other assorted handbags all nicely organized and ready to accessorize any outfit.

Yes, I look at my handbag collection, which includes various cross body, tote, clutch and shoulder bags, etc.., as necessary accessories.  I look at it no differently than choosing the right piece(s) of jewelry for my outfit.   Whether I have a meeting, going out to dinner, on a hike, or to a ball game, I have a bag for every outfit or occasion.

Find&Save has helped me many of times in adding that perfect bag to my collection and with Spring upon us, it is time to find a new one (maybe two) to add to it.

Maddie PowersI have never discriminated against any retailer in my search for the perfect bag.  As long it fits within my budget and style, I don’t care where I get it.   For instance, I am in need of an updated tote, messenger bag or backpack to use for work and traveling.    I really like this Michael Kors Small Jet Set Travel Tote in a stylish Gray that can be found at the Apple Store.  Or for the perfect pop of color this McKlein USA Lake Forest Leather Case found at Sears   Instead of a tote or case, maybe a messenger bag is the way to go.  This Mobile Edge Maddie Powers bag at Office Max not only is whimsical but also practical.

Now that I have work covered, what about play?  I am loving this Reama Large Cross-Body bag at Guess.   Cross body bags are a great option in bags.   It allows you to carry a few basic items that you need, keep them close to you while going out and leaves your hands free while you shop, go dancing or any other event.

Lastly, I would be remise I did not at lease look to see what Coach is offering up for the Spring.  This Coach Madison Hobo in Leather is a classic bag that can go with many occasions and will stand the test of time.

It can be a cross body bag, clutch, hobo bag, satchel or backpack, no matter what type you are looking for, Find&Save should be  your first stop on the discovery express to accessorize that perfect outfit and add to your handbag collection.