The Olympic Winter Games is the perfect opportunity to have your friends and family over for multiple nights of celebration. I personally enjoy watching the Olympics, whether it be the summer or winter games, they both inspire me to work harder in all areas of life. There is so much positive energy packed into a short amount of time. It starts with the anticipation of the opening ceremony, then it takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and is capped off with a closing ceremony that leaves us feeling emotional but excited for the next games to begin.

Whether you want to host a few parties full of active, competitive games, or just a few fun sports viewing get togethers, you can host themed events to celebrate the Olympics in style. With the help of fun food and party supplies from stores like (CVS, Safeway, and Michaels) you can host a gold-medal-winning party at your home.

The Olympics Sale is featured on Find&Save for iPad this week. Click the image to download the app.

The Olympics Sale is featured on Find&Save for iPad this week. Click the image to download the app.

Olympic themed parties are extremely fun to host and people look forward to attending them! Skiing, snowboarding, skating and more… even if you don’t live where it snows, there are so many fun parties that you can host during the Olympics. Here are some of the top things I make sure I cover when hosting an Olympic themed party.

Theme Attire – Everyone has a lot of fun at theme parties, especially if everyone is dressed to match the theme. Depending on how committed your friends are, you might have them come dressed representing their favorite country or pick a different country for each of them to represent, so as many countries as possible are represented.

Create A Ski Lodge – Create your own opening ceremony by lining your walls with flags from several nations. If you can’t find flags at one of your local stores, you can always go to a Jo-Ann’s store and pick up various supplies and make your own. Flags are a great decoration, but also play up on the winter theme by accessorizing your TV room with snowflakes on the windows, cozy throw blankets and a few candles will do the trick!

fondueFood & Drink Ideas – In keeping with a winter theme, create a simple menu for eating in from of the TV, like soups and hot sandwiches. Prepare a few plates of cut veggies, crackers and cheeses to offer a few items for those with smaller appetites. Also, a simple fondue setup with pieces of bread is fun at a group gathering. Here

As for drinks, I would select an assortment of international beers or a few bottles of wine from various countries. For non-alcoholic drinks I would choose a few sodas or juices that also represent a few different countries. Try a store like Costco for a great selection of both adult and kid friendly beverages. 

Desserts/Treats – To round out the winter theme, prepare some tasty hot cocoa and chewy brownies. Make sure to include an assortment of “condiments” for your hot cocoa – mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, whipped cream and colored sugar sprinkles. You might also want to bake five different round cakes, color with different color frosting and make the Olympic rings on very large platter.

Games/Entertainment – It’s a fact; most people aren’t interested in each individual Olympic event. Your guests might need to get a little energy out during certain events or commercial breaks, so have a few games in mind to keep the party going. You could have a game around betting on future outcomes, a contest for the most spirited guest or simply bring out the cards and dice. If your guests are true friends, they will be happy to play any game that you suggest.