This week, we released a new update to our Find&Save iPhone app for shopping and deals. The new features make finding new sales, and items on your shopping list, even easier than before. Here are the key highlights:

Filter your shopping list by store – This is particularly helpful if you are in a store, like Pier 1 for example, and you only want to see items on your shopping list for that store. Just click the new drop-down menu at top of your shopping list and chosse the store that you want to view your list items for. In the “All” view, your shopping list will be automatically sorted by store name.

See stores further away – Based on app user feedback, we have expanded the list of nearby stores beyond the original five miles. This is particularly helpful for shoppers in less populated areas. Now you can check out stores directly around you – and a little bit further away if you wish.

View nearby malls and shopping centers – At the mall? See all the stores grouped into one view – from a nearby large mall to a smaller shopping center. You can then browse the biggest discounts from all your favorite stores.

Shopping list access for Google+ users – You can use your email, Facebook and now  also your Google+ account to log-in to Find&Save from the iPhone app, just like you’re able to do on the iPad app.

Go ahead and update your app and let us know what your think. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, now is the time! Click here to download