The little ones are flying the coop! College classes start this month for most incoming freshman, so that means the move-in process should be complete any day now.

I remember leaving behind the comfort of my bedroom that I’d spent years decorating – it was heartbreaking! I felt like I was leaving it to cheat on another, less attractive, blank canvas college living space.

Thankfully my mother gave me some decorating advice and steered me in the right direction – straight towards IKEA, the mecca of dorm room living. For those who are venturing off this month, or possibly already moved in, grab your new roommate and head to the closest IKEA. Heck, you can even make a lunch date out of it, thanks to their famous and tasty restaurant!

The XL twin beds that many colleges provide create a downright funky situation – again, IKEA to the rescue. At the palatial palace of home goods you will find a variety of mattress covers, duvets, sheets and pillows to fit your new, awkwardly shaped bed. Items range from an affordable $13 to $50.

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A good thing to remember is that with the limited amount of space in your new room, your bed will become the focal point, the new couch for movie watching and even sometimes your desk for homework. Be sure to equip yourself with enough throw pillows and blankets to make it a comfortable, multi-purpose lounge spot.

Rugs, surprisingly, are a huge need in many dorm rooms. Think about it, the floor is hardwood, or a very thin layer of carpet over concrete. Unless you attend school in Hawaii, your feet will freeze when you get out of bed in the winter months, so it’s best to just cut out this potential discomfort. A small area rug will do the trick in covering just the right amount of space, without it feeling like it’s consuming your entire floor. It’s also another piece that will help make your room, your room. Feel free to use the rug to play up your personality a little! Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, IKEA and Pier1 all specialize in the trendy, yet affordable.


Whether or not you have to walk down the hall to the bathroom, it would behoove you to keep your things organized and accessible in a bathroom tote. Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond carry fabric totes ($13 to 30) that you can load up with all of your shower essentials, including your towel and flip flops.


It’s the little things that will help bring your new space to life. Target has floor lamps with pops of color for as low as $16.  If you’re feeling a little fancy, and have a little more to spend, Target also has a chandelier style floor lamp for $50. It definitely brings the “ooooh la la” factor.


Even something as small as a decorative mirror or adorned picture frames will give your new space just enough character. Remember, gone are the days of hanging boy band posters in your room – you’re an adult now.

Find everything you need and more to make your new space dorm sweet dorm on!


Photo c/o HA! Designs – Artbyheather