This Father’s Day celebrate your dad and treat him with a gift that is equally as cool as he is. My dad and I have always had a special bond and I’m not embarrassed to say that I am indeed a “Daddy’s Girl.” I’ve always viewed June as the month to celebrate him since his birthday and Father’s Day fall so close to one another, and it makes gift giving that much better.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create a personalized gift basket of your dad’s favorite things, or items that will bring back fond memories of experiences you’ve shared together. Like you’ll hear from most parents, my dad appreciates anything that he can tell I put some thought and heart into.

So let’s get to it. I’ve gathered items that can be the focal point of a larger themed gift basket, or that pack enough punch to stand on their own.

Watch: Now whether or not your dad already has a timepiece that he rocks on a daily basis, men can always have more than one watch – it’s the equivalent to women and their jewelry. I suggest something that will take your dad from the office to family dinner, and most importantly, remind him of you. Check out this black Fossil watch on sale now at Macy’s until June 16. If you’re looking to pair a watch with another item try a wallet, like this leather one by Tumi, or a pair of shades, like these classic Ray Ban Aviators, very Magnum P.I. Both the wallet and sunglasses are available at Bloomingdales.

Tools: Always a great default gift, because let me tell you, my dad can never have too many tools. Right now Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sears are all having Father’s Day sales on select tools and drill sets, like this Kawasaki Cordless Drill Set on sale at Sears. Get crackin’ on building that tree house you’ve always wanted, you’re never too old.

Drink Set: My dad has his go-to drink of choice that he’ll order when we’re out having a nice meal or on vacation and looking to unwind. Set your dad up with his favorite bottle of liquor, a set of coordinating glasses and any additional items that could complete the set. For example my dad would be thrilled to receive a bottle of gin or vodka with a shaker and martini glasses, like these that are 20% off now at Williams Sonoma. Remember, shaken, not stirred.

Smartphone: If your dad is still carrying around an old flip phone, it’s time to get him an upgrade. Stop by Best Buy or RadioShack to find the perfect smartphone for him. There are plenty of options and affordable plans to choose from depending on his tech prowess. Once your dad is set up with a new phone, go the extra mile and get him a portable bluetooth speaker, like this Jawbone Jambox Speaker on sale now at RadioShack. Let me just note that I have one, and I love it!

BBQ Set: Make your dad feel like the next ultimate grillmaster with an industrial BBQ set like this one from Sears. I mean it comes in a hardcore metal case! Pair the grill tools with his favorite BBQ sauces, a rack of baby back ribs and a bag of smoker wood chips, and he’ll show everyone he means business.

Outdoor Gear: If hanging out in the great outdoors is one of his favorite pastimes, invest in getting your dad new equipment he’ll put to use, perhaps a fishing pole, kayak, hiking gear, or camping equipment. Mix and match gifts based on your shared hobby and find the best sales from Big 5 Sporting Goods and Sports Authority on Find&Save.

Finally, if your dad has a sweet tooth, channel your inner “Cupcake Wars” contestant and bake him personal cupcakes to indulge in while he opens his gifts!

What other gifts would you give your dad? Comment and let me know!

Happy Father’s Day Find&Save shoppers!


My Dad and I!


Photo c/o Sugar Daze