Perfecting a cat eye is not exactly easy.
My main goal with cat eyes is that the color
should be as black as possible with the highest level
of pigment. Without following the proper steps, the color
can look washed out, grey-ish, and splotchy.
There are a million tutorials on how to do this,
but here are my tips for obtaining a flawless cat eye:


Start with a primer, especially if your lids tend to be a little oily.
For light complexions, Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray is amazing and
even works as a light concealer for under eye circles.
Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base is better for darker
skin tones and doesn’t give the reverse raccoon effect.
Using a primer is a great first step because it gives your
liner something to cling to. You can opt to skip the primer,
but your color will last much longer and retain more pigment.


Invest in a great eyeliner brush. A great brush can really make
a huge difference in the overall outcome of your line. I prefer a
fine line and I love the MAC #210 Precise Eye Liner Brush.
I know they’re pricey but my brushes have lasted me nearly 10 years.
They’re worth the investment. If you prefer a bolder, thicker line opt for
a bigger brush, like MAC #209 Eye Liner Brush


Use a liner that works for you. I love MAC Fluid Line in Blacktrack
because the pigment is pretty intense and the texture is extremely
smooth. You can use a pencil if you’re not keen on liquid/gel liners.
MAC Kohl Pencil is great, but I usually opt for the Almay Eyeliner
in black. It’s significantly less expensive and has a supple consistency
without traveling or smudging. Starting at the inner eye make tiny
dashes along your lash line to form a continuous line all the
way across the lid to your outer eye.
A few tips: don’t tug or pull on your eyes. Try looking down your
nose in to a mirror to get the most accurate line closest to your lashes.
To get a bit of a wing, flick your brush or pencil up
near the outer edge of your lash line. Experiment with
a simple wing vs. dramatic, Cleopatra wing. Both can look
incredible when done right.


In my opinion, this part is crucial! Dip a clean liner
brush in a heavily pigmented black eye shadow. Tap the
brush against the back of your hand to shake off any loose
powder. Carefully press the shadow in to your lash line, going
over the line you just made with either gel, liquid or pencil liner.
I used MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon for years but recently
discovered Wet N Wild Single Eye Shadow in Panther…
it works just as well and only costs about two U.S. dollars.
If you notice any smudges or loose eye shadow, just clean up with a
Q-tip dipped in eye make up remover.


Curl your lashes. Every tutorial says this, but it
really puts some extra polish on the overall cat eye look.
It’s a step that takes less than a minute, but it does
wonders for giving you some extra retro sex kitten appeal.
The Beauty Department has a great tutorial
if you need extra advice on curling lashes.


Sweep on some mascara. I once read that
eye make up without mascara is like the Mona Lisa
without a frame. Mascara finishes off the look and
gives your eyes some added depth.  Most make up artists
will tell you that mascara doesn’t have to be
expensive and many drugstore options are fantastic.

(Reblogged with permission from The House of Milk)